Deceivingly Healthy Habits You Should Know About

People would really want to follow healthy habits in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But there are some things that people may think to be a healthy habit but may actually do more harm than good. Here are just some of those deceivingly healthy habits that peoples should be aware about.

Taking more than the usual number of nutritional supplements.

It might seem a healthy habit trying to load up your body with as much vitamins and minerals as possible. But the problem is that most people don’t usually have a clear idea of what they are taking and the benefits that they provide. They don’t also know the possible effects of getting too much. There are certain nutrients that can cause more harm than good if taken too much. A vitamin A overdose can be toxic, especially to a developing fetus. Too much vitamin C can cause stomach problems. An overdose of vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage.

Brushing teeth immediately after every meal.

Most people would think that brushing your teeth after every meal is a healthy habit. But doing so may not be as beneficial as one may think. Immediately brushing teeth after a meal can actually contribute to damaging the enamel. Foods contain certain acids that can weaken the enamel. The brushing action on the teeth can cause the weakened enamel to be scrubbed away, eventually thinning it out. A better alternative would be to rinse the mouth with water to wash a way the acids first and hold off brushing in the evenings or early morning.

Frequent use of sanitizing gels.

Using sanitizing gels regularly may seem like a healthy habit since it helps keep one free from germs and bacteria. Sanitizing gels may actually be beneficial, especially if there is no water or soap around to wash the hands. But it is not always a good substitute. There are some sanitizing gels in the market that contain triclosan which has been found to contribute to promote bacteria and contribute to viral resistance as well as resistance to antibiotics. Soap and water is still a better option, if they are available.
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