Tiny Medical Implants That Can Travel Through Bloodstream Now Possible

Technology has made it possible for scientists and researchers to develop medical devices that are smaller and smaller. The tiniest of such devices can be used as medical implants to deliver medication or for monitoring. But for the most part, such existing medical devices are only implanted on a fixed part of the body. But […]

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Two New Blood Types Identified

Researchers have identified two new blood types to add into the already known blood types A,B, AB or O. Biologist Bryan Ballif of the University of Vermont, along with colleagues has identified two new proteins on the red blood cells that can confirm the identification of two new blood types. This discovery will add the […]

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Tell-tale Signs Of A Toxic Friend

Many people cherish their friendships and want it to last. But there are times when friendships are not exactly what they seem. One can’t always be sure if a friendship is true or if it leads to a dangerous path that can cause damaged relationships. There are such friends that you may consider as toxic. […]

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